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A-   A+   Envoyer cette page à un ami web portal welcomes and rewards advertising from environmentally responsible businesses. If you’re promoting a product or service that you believe is good for the planet, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Our accent is on quality and that is reflected in our audience. Our portal is updated several times as day and accents health strategic informations. In other words, we share the same target audience. Your advertising on InfoNaturel will not just be seen. It will be read and valued.


Why advertise on

- InfoNaturel lets you reach current and new consumers

- To expand your demographic market

- InfoNaturel is ecological; no paper, be a part of GreenAds

- Consumers can find your products

- Consumers can access your article with an iPad, iPhone, or any electronic device able to access the Internet

- InfoNaturel have an APP for Iphone, Ipad and also for BlackBerry, BlackBerry 4.5, BlackBerry 4.7, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Mobile Browser

- Consumers can share your article with friends when they use the Share button

- InfoNaturel is 100% French, designed for the Quebec market as well as the French market in BC, Ontario and other French regions.

- Your product always appears on the first page of a Google search thanks to French key words (produits naturels, naturels, aliments biologique, magasin de produits naturels and many others)

- Your article will stay for a LIFE TIME which means it can be reached by millions of consumers year after year, after year…

- Your article is included on InfoNaturel’s Facebook and Tweeter page

ü Consumers rarely remember a product from a magazine or newspaper. In most cases, they will use Internet sites such as InfoNaturel to search the web. For example, if they search the word “gluten” in InfoNaturel, they will find “Gluten Relief from Natural Factors” in the first three search results.


InfoNaturel Activities:

- Partnership with major natural health food stores.

- Radio Show by Johanne Verdon every Saturday and Sunday - Santé en Direct, Johanne Verdon. She is the Oprah Winfrey of natural health in Quebec (She talks about InfoNaturel)

- Partnership with Mieux Être magazine (30,000 copies available at 6,000 locations)

- Partnership with Expo Manger santé

- Partnership with Crudessence Restaurant (Vegan)

- Partnership with Association Manger Santé Bio (AMS)

- HON Code of Conduct member



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Contest section redirection as low the $450/month

Sixty percent of health food stores in Quebec will use our brochure to redirect consumers to our website for information. WHY: as you know, manufacturers can only talk about claims in relation to the NPN number. InfoNaturel is the solution to say more. As well, we ascribe to the HON Code of Conduct which means that scientific claims must support the article.



As an incentive for companies who adopt pollution prevention strategies, InfoNaturel has created a unique award program. Called the ‘GreenAds.CO Award for Excellence in Waste Reduction’, it is the first ever pollution prevention award program aimed at the natural healing industry. Click here to find out more.



GreenAds.CO= Eco-friendly advertising for businesses with a conscience


We have created a smart phone application, InfoNaturel. It contains a lot of useful information and will work with many different smartphones.

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